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IT IS #resisttrumptuesday !!

WHEN : Tuesday, 2/28 at noon
WHERE : Federal Building at 300 Ala Moana (gather at 11:45am at Ala Moana/Makai side entrance)
WHAT : Visit the offices of Senator Schatz, Senator Hirono, Rep. Hanabusa, and Rep. Gabbard


Bring a photo ID if you can join the visit.

Call if you can't

Senator Brian Schatz (808) 523-2061 or (202) 224-3934
Senator Mazie Hirono (808) 522-8970 or (202) 224-6361
Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard (808) 541-1986 or (202) 225-4906
Congressperson Colleen Hanabusa (808) 541-2570 or (202) 225-2726

1- Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) : Reports throughout the recess are that some GOPers are getting nervous about repealing the ACA. Let’s keep that pressure up! Tell your representatives that you expect them to do everything in their power to save the ACA, and the need to talk to their GOP colleagues and explain why it’s so important. As callers, share your personal healthcare story! Tell them about pre-exisitng conditions and other health emergencies that could jeopardize your life if health care changes dramatically. (Remember that you don’t have to be on an ACA plan now to be hurt by some of the proposed changes like lifetime caps and pre-existing conditions.) 

2- Targeting our Most Vulnerable Citizens has got to stop! Trump rescinded the Obama Executive Order that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity. Now those vulnerable young people are once again targeted and at-risk. This decision remains a violation of Title IX, (sponsored by our very own Patsy Mink) and must be stopped! Tell your representative that they need to take action and speak loudly against the president’s latest act of hatred and discrimination. Call the Department of Education Civil Rights Office (800-421-3481) and report that DeVos is violating the civil rights of transgender students by discriminating against them in this heinous way.

3- We want Town Halls! Demand your representatives to schedule Town Halls during their April recess. Tell them we know that it takes time to put a schedule together so start planning it now. Tell them that we will call on them every week asking this same question until we have a date/time/location for Town Hall events across the state/district.

4- On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on the Nadler resolution demanding that their be a transparent and complete investigation of Trump. Congresswoman Hanabusa sits on that committee! Call her DC and local offices and demand that she be a vocal supporter of the Nadler resolution - speaking publicly about the importance of a transparent and complete investigation, including his tax returns and his ties to Russia. Tell her we expect her to support this resolution and to encourage all her colleagues to do the same. 

5- On Tuesday, the President is giving his “address to the nation,” (which is similar to the State of the Union but occurs in the 1st year instead of a SOTU because he’s not been there long enough to do that yet.) Here’s what we can do to resist that speech and get our own messages out: (a) Don’t watch it! Trump will be waiting to hear the viewership numbers - don’t give him the satisfaction! (b) Turn to social media and share your own “address to the nation,” using the hashtag #peoplesaddress and tagging all our delegation. So you could tweet something like this: Equality for women, minorities, and the LBGTQ community #peoplesaddress. If you do it on Facebook, remember to set your setting for the post to Public. Feel free to do lots of them! (c) Don’t give him oxygen! Instead, plan to gather with other resistors that day for lunch or coffee or dinner and enjoy the company of those who represent love and resistance - not hatred and corruption. (And while you’re together, shoot out some Tweets and FB posts with your own version of the people’s address!) 

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Find time for resilience and resistance, celebrate the success we’ve seen over the past week, and get ready for all that’s yet to come!

Earlier Event: February 26
Later Event: March 5