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#wherestulsi Tulsi Gabbard Town Hall


Attend Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard's Town Hall

When: Friday, February 24 at noon
Where: Kailua Public Library

Call her office (808) 541-1986 to demand for Gabbard's presence. Her staffers told us that only they will be at the Town Hall event.


  • What is she doing to get a transparent and thorough investigation into the administration’s Russia dealings, both during the campaign and now? 
  • What is her relationship with Steve Bannon? It has been said that Bannon initiated her meeting with Trump back in November, and that he is behind her trip to Syria. Can she please shed light on that? 
  • What is she doing to keep Bannon off the National Security Council? 
  • What is she doing to force the President to release his taxes? 
  • What is she doing to stop the President’s efforts to round up and deport undocumented immigrants, many of whom have been here for decades and are a vital part of our community? 
  • What is she doing to protect the ACA and the many, many constituents of hers (like me) who depend on it for health insurance? (Also, as Sen Schatz said, “Being a woman is a pre-existing condition,” so what happens to women like us when the ACA is repealed?)
  • Bills have already been introduced in the House to strip the EPA of all its enforcement capacity and another one to gut public education and put that money into a school voucher program. What is she doing to stop these measures, and what is she doing to protect our fragile environment and our public schools? 
  • With full knowledge that a committed group of her constituents planned to visit her this Tuesday, why did she and her staff dodge us? All other Hawai‘i representatives are meeting with us, but not Gabbard. 
  • What is her position on Syria and her alliance with Assad who is responsible for brutal mass murders including children? Ask her to explain how her so-called "Stop Arming Terrorists Act" is not simply a way to eliminate opposition to Assad's brutal regime. 
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