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IT IS #resisttrumptuesday !!

WHEN : Tuesday, 2/7 at noon
WHERE : Federal Building at 300 Ala Moana (gather at 11:45am at Ala Moana/Makai side entrance)
WHAT : Visit the offices of Senator Schatz, Senator Hirono, Representative Gabbard (not visiting Representative Hanabusa because her office is in the process of being moved into the Federal Building)


Senators Schatz & Hirono

Thank them for opposing DeVos and the rest of the #SwampCabinet. But that's not enough! They must put pressure on their GOP colleagues to do the right thing on these truly offensive nominees who look to dismantle the very programs they are being nominated to protect and preserve. (For Hirono, we will also re-state our expectation that she make her positions known publicly NOW, not keep us in suspense until the floor vote. By being part of the opposition now, she has sway over others.) 

The SCOTUS nominee is proposed to fill a stolen seat, one that the GOP denied Merrick Garland without so much as even a sit-down meeting, much less hearings and a floor vote. Now Trump is showing his disdain and lack of respect for the judicial system by first firing Sally Yates for "betraying" him and calling the WA state judge a "so-called judge" for his decision. We expect our Senators to stand with the #TrumpResistance and refuse to move this nomination forward. 

We oppose Steve Bannon getting anywhere near the National Security Council and we expect both Senators to co-sponsor S. 291 (which modifies  NSC requirements to effectively bar Bannon) and we expect them to speak loudly, publicly, and frequently about their outrage. Silence = Complicity, and that's not how we roll on the Trump agenda. 

Representative Gabbard

Join Congressperson Hanabusa in co-sponsoring and vigorously supporting HR 804 (the House companion bill to S. 291), which prevents political interference with the NSC and would bar Bannon from a seat at that table. During a time where protests are occurring weekly, even here in Hawaii, her silence to the #TrumpResistance is concerning to all of us. We have been concerned about her interest in representing the diverse folks of her district since she refused to join 169 of her colleagues to condemn white supremist Bannon in November 2016. We expect her to use her substantial national presence to make her outrage to these behaviors known. 

We've got their attention! We need you to build the momentum of #resisttrumptuesdays. If you can't be there in person, call on the same day with these messages. Let them know through every channel. Together, Hawaii's voices will be heard in Washington and we can stop Trump's carnage. 

Earlier Event: February 5