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Visit Hawai‘i Senators and Representatives offices every Tuesday to express your views on the most urgent matters. 


Option 1 : Visit the offices of Senator Schatz, Senator Hirono, and Rep. Gabbard Federal Building at 300 Ala Moana (gather at 11:45am at Ala Moana/Makai side entrance)

Option 2 : Visit Rep Hanabusa's office on Fort Street at noon (1132 Bishop Street, Suite 1910)

NOTE : Bring a photo ID


GUNS. The Parkland kids mean business. It’s past-time for Washington to act. There’s lots of talking, but when will there be action and in what form? We’ll press our Members of Congress on action they can take NOW to address things like bump stocks and background checks (two issues that have seen some bipartisan support)and then what they plan to do to truly make our schools safer. We will particularly push Gabbard, who despite her rhetoric on social media, remains silent on most legislative efforts to stop guns. When will she co-sponsor the plethora of bills out there? When will she put her legislative muscle behind her tweets, which sound more like thoughts and prayers than action and solutions. 

RUSSIA. The special counsel has indicted 13 people and still the White House talks only about the Trump campaign. No words of action against Russia, no addressing the sanctity of our elections, nothing. Even McMasters has said the “evidence of Russian interference is incontrovertible” (for which he was chided by Trump for not talking about “Dirty H, the Dems,” etc). We all know that you say something enough times and it starts to become fact — at least in the minds of many. What is Congress doing to reverse that trend and hold this WH accountable for acknowledging the reality of the facts and putting their weight behind ensuring the sanctity of our electoral process this fall and again in 2020? 

IMMIGRATION: The March deadline looms and Dreamers still wait it limbo. It’s unconsciounable  how these young people, despite the support of the majority of the country, are left without answers and without a solution. What’s the pathway to a solution for these people now, and how do Dems plan to address the bigger picture immigration issue? 

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