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Visit Hawai‘i Senators and Representatives offices every Tuesday to express your views on the most urgent matters. 


Option 1 : Visit the offices of Senator Schatz, Senator Hirono, and Rep. Gabbard Federal Building at 300 Ala Moana (gather at 11:45am at Ala Moana/Makai side entrance)

Option 2 : Visit Rep Hanabusa's office on Fort Street at noon (1132 Bishop Street, Suite 1910)

NOTE : Bring a photo ID


1- The White House is in a tailspin —from lawyers to firings to legal actions —with no end in sight. Talking heads and pundits say Trump revels in the chaos and conflict, and yet the markets and the nation do not. We’ll ask our Members of Congress what strategy can be deployed to counter-balance this chaos so that the country can go ahead with the work that needs doing. What are they doing every day to counter the madness of the administration? 

2- The Omnibus that finally passed was good to Hawai‘i. We will thank our Senators for their hard work on this, and then ask what’s next —what are their legislative priorities that have some chance of achievement in the coming months and how do they plan to get these works across the finish line? 

3- The young people who marched mean business, and we stand with them. Senator Schatz compared guns today with cars several decades ago: people were dying so state and federal government (as well as private sector and non-profits) threw a lot at the wall ’til stuff started sticking. Seatbelt laws, speed limits, crack downs on drinking and driving, car seats, MADD, better car safety standards…the list goes on and on. What’s today’s list for gun violence and what are we doing right now to start throwing that stuff at the wall? 

4- The Russian diplomatic expulsions are a good start, but when will the sanctions passed last year be imposed? The weeks are ticking by, and the security of our elections loom. What do our MOCs’ thoughts on Facebook, the immediate imposition of those sanctions, the Klobuchar bill, and other actions that can protect our democracy? 

Earlier Event: March 25
Later Event: April 3