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Visit Hawai‘i Senators and Representatives offices every Tuesday to express your views on the most urgent matters. 


Option 1 : Visit the offices of Senator Schatz, Senator Hirono, and Rep. Gabbard Federal Building at 300 Ala Moana (gather at 11:45am at Ala Moana/Makai side entrance)

Option 2 : Visit Rep Hanabusa's office on Fort Street at noon (1132 Bishop Street, Suite 1910)

NOTE : Bring a photo ID



"The Constitutional Crisis is here.” Eugene Washington of the Washington Post says today what many of us are thinking. Consider actions from the last last week. Trump demanded the Justice Department investigate whether the FBI’s surveillance work of the campaign was politically motivated, a move that resulted in the eventual disclosure of the informant’s name and a planned WH meeting with GOP lawmakers to review the classified information related to that surveillance. He suddenly announced he was lifting sanctions on the Chinese telecom giant ZTE after China gave a $500 million loan to a Trump Organization-linked project in Indonesia (Basically doing a TV infomercial for ZTE products). His new spokesman/lawyer, Rudy G, made the talk show circuit declaring it reasonable to have solicited Hillary-intel for the campaign, including from Russia, Saudi, and Emirati sources, despite the clear legal dictate that there can be on foreign government or individuals involved in US elections. And he doubled down on his vendetta against the press, a clear violation of the first amendment, demanding the Postmaster General double rates charged to Amazon (owned by WashPost’s Jeff Bezos), a media outlet he routinely considers “fake news.” We are 16 months into this administration and it is making headway with its barrage of tyranny such that it’s hard to know what’s normal anymore. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. WaPo’s Max Boot said yesterday, “Trump’s assault on democratic norms is all the more dangerous because the response is so tepid. Republicans approve of, or pretend not to notice…while Democrats are inured to it.” We will discuss this frightening chain of events with our MOCs and ask that they put context and implications behind their messaging regarding this continuous slip into a strong-man regime. 

We scored a big Net Neutrality win in the Senate. Now it’s on to the House. We will thank Sen Schatz for leading the effort, Sen. Hirono for supporting it, and then ask what’s needed to get it across the finish line on the House side. We will also ask Congresswomen Gabbard and Hanabusa to put their support and collegial relationships full behind this effort so we can protect this critical policy. 

North Korea remains in play, with the bumblings of Pompeo, Bolton, and Trump putting us in danger. Admiral Harry Harris took a turn to the north, the WH scuttling his ambassador post in Australia to dispatch him to South Korea post-haste — the man possibly most knowledgable and most capable should tensions in that region continue to escalate and our administration continue to bungle it. The June 13 talks appear in doubt, and North Korea has issued stark words about Bolton’s meddling in the process. We will ask our MOCs for their thoughts and concerns about activity in Korea now and what’s being done to reign in an administration that appears to be “flying by the seat of its pants” (with the rest of us hoping we don’t get killed in the process). 

Earlier Event: May 21
Later Event: May 29