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Visit Hawai‘i Senators and Representatives offices every Tuesday to express your views on the most urgent matters. 


Option 1 : Visit the offices of Senator Schatz, Senator Hirono, and Rep. Gabbard Federal Building at 300 Ala Moana (gather at 11:45am at Ala Moana/Makai side entrance)

Option 2 : Visit Rep Hanabusa's office on Fort Street at noon (1132 Bishop Street, Suite 1910)

NOTE : Bring a photo ID


1- Democrats must stand firm that a rushed SCOTUS decision is a non-starter, as per the GOP’s own rule-making in 2016. Secondly, all the discussion of a Roe v Wade litmus test must be called out for what it is —politicizing the bench rather than honoring the rule of law and the judicial standard, stare decisis, the legal principle of standing on precedent of cases already considered and decided. We’ll ask our MOCs to speak loudly and forcefully on these issues and ask Sen. Hirono specifically what her strategy will be as a member of the Judiciary Committee. 

2- The kids. We must stay focused on the kids. We will ask our MOCs again to confirm that no egregious family separations are happening at the Hawaii borders and continue to ask them to speak loudly on the issue. We will demand to know the status of reunification, asking them to cut through the double-talk of the administration and confirm how/when kids will be returned to their families. While the GOP is trying to pivot this discussion, making it about Dems wanting to abolish ICE, we will remind our MOCS that this isn’t about ICE. It’s about kids and families and that our outrage and messaging must continue to drive that home. We will also thank Sen. Hirono for showing up at the rally on Saturday (and ask our other MOCs what marches and rallies they attended). 

3- Lastly, as our MOCs go into this work period and summer legislative schedule, we will ask them once again to remember to stand firm and not capitulate. As Daily Beast reporter Gideon Resnick reported on Twitter today, callers to Schumer’s office are telling him, “You’ve not played to win like McConnell does” and “You’re the only party standing between us and dictatorship.” We need them to play hard, not capitulate, and not take the bait for civility over outrage. That tactic is one of gaslighting, telling us to be “good boys and girls,” and we’re not having it. Our country and our future is at stake. 

Earlier Event: July 1
Later Event: July 4
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