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FREE SCHOOL / The Mundane in a Spectacular Era: #metoo + #blacklivesmatter

The Mundane in a Spectacular Era: #metoo and #blacklivesmatter

Lecture by Shatema Threadcraft

WHEN : Friday, February 22; 2:30-4:00 pm

WHERE : UHManoa, Saunders Hall, Room 637

Shatema Threadcraft is an Associate Professor of Government at Dartmouth. Her presentation will discuss the potential lessons the #metoo movement may hold for organizing around the gender-based violence concerns of black women. Contemporary black politics has focused on the politics of spectacular death – black men killed by police on tape. Many black women are murdered; however, they tend to be murdered in private. A black man is killed by a policeman or similar agent every 28 hours, but every 21 hours a black woman is killed by an intimate partner. A movement that has brought to light the overwhelming numbers of anonymous women who are victims of sexual harassment and violence that were once private demonstrates how the private, mundane might be made into a powerful and mobilizing spectacle when conditions are right.

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