Q: What does Hawai‘i J20+ mean?

A: We formed soon after last year’s presidential election. 'J20' refers to Inauguration Day (January 20, 2017). The '+' signals our continued commitment beyond the current administration.

Q: So you are Democrats?

A: lol, no. We are a nonpartisan organization.

Q: Who is J20? Who can join?

A: We are students, teachers, business people, artists, sex workers, retirees, librarians, nurses, waiters and writers, and many many more. Join us if you share our principles and want to work for them.

Q: What are the guiding principles?

A: We believe in collectivist care over individualist competition, planetary care over extractivism, freedom of movement over lifeboat austerity. We see the planet as our shared home, and no one is disposable. Together we work to imagine, and to make this world a reality. 

Q: Reform or revolution?

A: We have big goals and explore all logic and tactics towards those goals, whether that be pursuing policy changes or organizing direct interventions - at local, national, and global scales.

Q: What does that look like in practice?

A: It looks different all the time. Sometimes it looks like working within “the system” to pass legislation that will make people safer from state violence. Sometimes it looks like showing up for people on the street or at the airport. Sometimes it looks pretty weird. And we do FREE SCHOOL, ala Paris Commune. Check out our calendar