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at UH Manoa, Saunders Hall room 624

CORANDERRK is a unique verbatim performance that brings back to life the voices of indigenous settler men and women who testified at a parliamentary inquiry in the australian colony of victoria in 1881. Consisting entirely of edited transcripts from the minutes of evidence of this official inquiry appointed to investigate the justice claims of indigenous people on the coranderrk aboriginal reserve.

As the  devisor and co-writer of the play, Nanni will present some filmed excerpts of the performance and share his experience of how verbatim-theatre offers an extremely powerful tool for academics, in collaboration with indigenous theatre-makers, to broaden the field of public engagement and advance conversations about structural justice further than is otherwise often possible. 

Giordano Nanni is a historian, satirist, and media activist whose work spans across various media, from online videos to the theatre. After completing his ph.d. at university of melbourne, and seeking to engage with audiences beyond the pay-walls of academic journals, he is co-creator of rap news and coranderrk, and produces satirical online videos for the juice media.

U H Manoa Political Science Colloquim


Later Event: March 5