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Symposium : Decolonizing Cities

at UH Mānoa, Hālau o Haumea

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Overseas Guests:
Hirini Matunga: Professor of Maori and Indigenous Development in the Faculty of Environment, Society and Design at Lincoln University, Canterbury Aotearoa New Zealand
Theodore Jojola: Distinguished Professor in Community & Regional Planning Program of the School of Architecture + Planning at the University of New Mexico

Symposium Description:
We seek to open up possibilities for indigenous urbanism and decolonizing urban planning by creating a space to talk about something we are not sure how to define or do but that we know is essential for justice and our collective futures. What does aloha ‘aina look like in Honolulu? How does native knowledge provide solutions to perennial urban dilemmas? What are the key touchstones in the effort to decolonize cities and how can we decolonize urban development and municipal change?