We must stop the GOP Tax Bill that give massive cuts to the wealthy, paid for by forcing deeper cuts to critical programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security down the line. Step by Step Instructions



On November 9 the U.S. Senate Judiciary committee approved Brett J. Talley for a federal judgeship in Alabama. Mr. Talley is wholly unqualified to serve as a federal judge. According to the Los Angeles Times, he “has never tried a case, was unanimously rated ‘not qualified’ by the American Bar Assn.’s judicial rating committee, [and] has practiced law for only three years.” His nomination is part of the Trump/Pence administration’s plan to reshape the federal judiciary.

Mr. Talley’s nomination now moves to its last stage of review - the full Senate. Approval by the full Senate will confer a lifetime appointment to Mr. Talley. Please write to your Senators and insist that they vote against this nomination.

Senator Hirono / Twitter @maziehirono / Facebook@mazie.hirono
Phone (808) 522-8970

Senator Schatz / Twitter @brianschatz / Facebook @brianschatz
Phone (808) 523-2061

Lots of talking points HERE, or:

Dear Senator ________________,

I am writing to ask you to vote against, and do everyone you can to block, the confirmation of Brett J. Talley to a federal judgeship in Alabama. He is unqualified to serve in this position. According to the Los Angeles Times, he “has never tried a case, was unanimously rated ‘not qualified’ by the American Bar Assn.’s judicial rating committee, [and] has practiced law for only three years.”

His nomination is also part of the Trump/Pence administration’s plan to reshape the federal judiciary. I will grudgingly admit that the Republican-controlled executive and legislative branches of government would be foolish not to take this opportunity to influence the judicial branch, but I would expect that this effort would have some integrity, and that nominees would be qualified to serve.

In a system that depends on checks and balances between the executive, legislative and judicial branches, installation of unqualified people to the judicial branch is unacceptable.

Oppose H.R. 3697 (the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act.1)

Phone or email your Hawai‘i Congressperson and demand that she opposes H.R. 3697 (the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act.1).

This bill criminalizes immigrants, including those fleeing gang violence, and allows more of them to be detained and deported. It also affects vulnerable populations such as asylum seekers, TPS holders, and unaccompanied children.

Colleen Hanabusa: 
Phone: (808) 541-2570
Email: a) https://hanabusa.house.gov/contact (only if you live in her district) or Matthew.Higa@mail.house.gov (if you don't)

Tulsi Gabbard:
Phone: (808) 541-1986
Email: https://gabbard.house.gov/connect/share-your-ideas



Thank Attorney General Doug Chin

Script : I am thrilled to hear the news that the Ninth Circuit affirmed Hawaii v. Trump. Keep up your good fight against Trump's "Muslim Ban!!!

Phone: (808) 586-1500
Email: http://ag.hawaii.gov/contact-us/email-the-department-of-ag/


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the July 13, 2017 Hawai‘i district court order in the travel ban case, Hawaii v. Trump, allowing the entry to the United States of close family members and refugees with formal assurances from a United States resettlement agency.

Attorney General Chin said, “Today’s decision by the 9th Circuit keeps families together. It gives vetted refugees a second chance. The Trump administration keeps taking actions with no legal basis. We will keep fighting back.”

Next: Oral arguments on the merits of the travel ban appeals before the U.S. Supreme Court are scheduled to occur on October 10, 2017 in Washington, D.C."


Oppose Corporate Efforts to Restrict Reproductive Freedom



SCRIPT : Hi. I’m from [ZIP] and concerned about the growing trend of tolerating religious exemptions for denying women access to birth control. This issue disproportionately affects women of color and impoverished women. Can you tell me what [name] is doing to oppose this trend? I want her to fight for women’s right to reproductive health, regardless of their employers’ beliefs.


Denounce Trump's Visa Sanctions, Protect Cambodian Families

Trump administration threatens to use visa sanctions to punish the countries of Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea, and Sierra Leone for delaying deportations from the United States. A group of U.S. deportees in Cambodia led a strong campaign this year to pressure Cambodia to stop all deportations from the U.S., effectively halting the issuance of travel documents a number of times in the past year. The Trump administration responded by fulfilling a campaign promise to target countries that don't cooperate with U.S. deportation policy.

Proponents of the policy claim that these sanctions are necessary to keep the public safe from "criminal aliens," highlighting a few incidents of immigrants who have reoffended. But for every isolated incident of recidivism, thousands of other fathers and mothers moved on with their lives and are quietly raising their U.S. citizen children, supporting their elderly parents, starting businesses, and supporting youth in the community who might otherwise lack mentors. Deporting these individuals tears families apart, attacking the very heart of our communities.

"The Trump administration's threat to sanction Cambodia is a violent policy move meant to stoke fear in the community and tear families apart" said Quyen Dinh, executive director of SEARAC. "Instead of attacking loving, hard-working families, we must invest our resources in uniting around real, humane, long-lasting solutions to our outdated immigration system. We stand united with families and communities to denounce the Trump administration, and we call on our Congressional leaders to stand with us to protect all vulnerable families."

Contact your Representatives Today!!


My name is ____ from (city, state). I am calling Representative/Senator (name) to denounce the Trump administration's move to pressure Cambodia into accepting deportees through issuing visa sanctions. This policy will tear families apart and destabilize communities like ours by ignoring the humanitarian implications of deporting refugees. It is important for Congress to weigh in on this. Would you be willing to issue a statement in opposition to this effort by the Trump Administration and to stand in solidarity with the Cambodian community?" 

(You can also use SEARAC's Talking Points on Cambodian visa sanctions)


Remove Ad Revenue from Fake News Sites

Download Instruction Sheet

Questions : email Gaye Chan at <dayofresistance@gmail.com>

1. Go to a fake news site (i.e. breitbart)

2. Click a few links and pause until an ad pops up

3. Create a screen capture

4. Find contact information on the company via their website or on Facebook

5. Email or Facebook message the company with the following 

I am writing to alert you that your company's ads are on Breitbart, a white supremacist fake news site. I have attached a screenshot for your review. For now I will assume that your company is not aware that you are supporting this racist and misogynist platform and just hired an ad network service to place ads for you based on demographics. Companies can set a list of platforms that they refuse to be advertised in so I am writing to encourage you to do so. I hope you will respond in the affirmative within a week. thank you for your attention, [your name]

6. If you don't get any results you might try a followup with something like, "If I do not hear back from you I will make this broadly known via social media." 

7. Some followup tips if the company is confused. 

Companies have to individually blacklist platforms that they don't want to advertise on. I understand that corporations are quite savvy about porn sites but still learning about fake news sites. If you are using adwords this link shows you step by step instructions on how to [Exclude Websites from AdWords Campaigns] https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1bwS7LdG3tt0TCSfzFgwZb0YW0JPK0fZ2dbbh2l7P3dY/mobilebasic



2-MIN ACTION : Boycott is a Constitutionally Protected Right

DEMAND Hawaii Representative Colleen Hanabusa pull her co-sponsorship of the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (H.R.1697).

The impacts of H.R.1697/S.720 would be antithetical to free speech protections enshrined in the First Amendment. This Bill could make any advocates for boycott a felony punishable by prison-time; would impose civil and criminal punishment on individuals solely because of their political beliefs about Israel and its policies. 

H.R.1697/S.720 cannot fairly be characterized as an anti-discrimination measure, as some has argued. For example, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 already prevents businesses from discriminating against customers based on race, color, religion, and national origin. This Bill, on the other hand, aims to punish people who support international boycotts that are meant to protest Israeli government policies, while leaving those who agree with Israeli government policies free from the threat of sanctions for engaging in the exact same behavior. Whatever their merits, such boycotts rightly enjoy First Amendment protection.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON H.R.1697/S.720 (link shared by Friends of Sabeel Hawai‘i)

Do #ResistTrumpTuesday by phone, text or email

Do #ResistTrumpTuesday by phone, text or email

Also try ResistBot : Text “RESIST” to 50409 to deliver your message to your representatives in under 2 minutes. No downloads or apps required.

SCRIPT (suggest that you cover only one point per call / text / email)



Comey’s testimony and the Mueller appointment are huge, and with Sessions testifying this week, more is likely to come. All the investigations need to continue at a brisk and thorough pace — the House and Senate Intelligence committees as well as the Mueller investigation —and we expect them to be dogged and thorough in their work. But it’s not enough. We demand the appointment of an Independent Commission (similar to the 9/11 commission) to work on these issues as well, one that is completely independent of Congress and the White House and can investigate both criminal and ethical violations. (Mueller can only prosecute criminal actions, while the commission would have broader jurisdiction.) 

HR 356 and S 27 are companion bills requiring the establishment of an independent commission. We demand that our delegation push hard to have those bills released and brought to the floor for a vote, and that they lobby their GOP counterparts to put country before party and let the investigative work be done quickly and thoroughly. As of Sunday, our two Senators are not shown as cosponsors of the Senate version, while both House members are cosponsoring the House version. We want to know why they aren’t sponsoring this measure in the Senate and demand that they do so ASAP.


Trump and the GOP are looking to strip America and sell it for parts with this infrastructure proposal. His MAGA idea - sell off the roads, harbors and bridges to private entities so that the monies brought in go to their bottom lines, not back into the community. By way of example, when Chicago privatized their parking meters, parking costs doubled, and all that additional revenue went to the private company’s bottom line, not the city’s roads, parks, and schools as it once had. They cannot get away with this!

We are demanding that our delegation fight hard in opposition to any of these infrastructure proposals. As we’ve said since January, there are no deals to be made with these people, and we sure can’t start with the very fiber that holds us together. A progressive alternative has been proposed, MillionsOfJobs.org, with dozens of MOCs, including Colleen Hanabusa, supporting it in the House. We demand our delegation get on board, not with a plan to strip our country’s resources but with one that builds it up, employs people across the country, and infuses money back into our communities, not Wall Street.


The Senate GOP has been hiding in the Comey curtains, using the Comey distractions to create their bill behind closed doors and with no input from any of the traditional groups or MOCs involved in the health care discussion. And they have a plan to roll it out and get it passed by the end of the month - no hearings, no debate, no amendments, and no plans to even share the bill with anyone until a few hours before the vote (likely the last week of June). While they’ve been very secretive about details, the leaked intel says it still disallows pre-existing conditions (although they’ve dressed it up to try to hide that point), strips all essential care, and prices premiums well beyond the reach of most Americans, particularly as they age. 

The only chance we have at stopping them is to blow it up to a public fight and refuse to back down. 

Two immediate calls to action: (1) We demand our delegation members get loud and tough on the real impact of this proposal on people in Hawaii and across the nation. We cannot let the US Senate start killing off Americans for any reason, but it’s particularly repugnant that they do it to line the pockets of donors and the very wealthy. Call on Tuesday, and every day this week. Send emails with your personal health stories and why you need health care. 

(2) Take to social media and get your friends in these states to contact their Senators and demand they oppose this bill: Alaska, Maine, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Louisiana, and Nevada. There are two GOP votes opposing the bill already, and if we can flip one from any of these states, we’ve got a shot at defeating this thing. But we have to make it clear to them that their constituents will send them packing if they support this hideous proposal. 

If you can’t join us in person, CALL! Tuesday is a National Call-In Day! Members of Congress are bragging that their phones are back to pre-January levels, just a few calls trickling in every day. We have to change that! Call our delegation - as well as those of the states where you have ties - and deliver our strong message on Russia, health care, and infrastructure.