Hi. I’m from _ZIP_ calling with concerns about our leadership’s integrity. Jeff Sessions failed to reveal meetings with Russian diplomats during his security screening process. I would like _NAME of MoC_ to join Senator Schumer (D-NY) and Representative Lieu (D-CA) in calling for his resignation. Thanks.


On May 11, Attorney General Jeff Sessions distributed a memo to all Federal prosecutors requiring they pursue mandatory minimum sentences, following on a reshuffling of Department of Justice (DOJ) priorities to emphasize prosecution of drug, gun and gang violence crime.

According to the ACLU, “Jeff Sessions is pushing federal prosecutors to reverse progress and repeat a failed experiment — the War on Drugs — that has devastated the lives and rights of millions of Americans, ripping apart families and communities and setting millions, particularly Black people and other people of color, on a vicious cycle of incarceration.” Former Attorney General Eric Holder simply stated it was “dumb on crime.”

This change in policy places him at odds with liberals and conservatives alike such as Senators Chuck Grassley and Rand Paul, the Koch Brothers, the ACLU, and Families Against Mandatory Minimums, as well as Eric Holder. Prioritizing heavy-handed prosecution of low level drug crimes means there are fewer resources to direct toward more serious and far-reaching crimes like public corruption. In particular, this will have a devastating effect on communities of color.

Dept of Justice

email / 1-202-353-1555

Hawai‘i Attorney General Douglas Chin




DEPT of JUSTICE : I’m calling to express outrage at Attorney General Sessions' policy on mandatory minimums. This policy reverses a bipartisan, widely-supported trend in sentencing that gives prosecutors greater discretion to tailor the punishment to the crime. The policy may also have the effect of creating a wave of mass incarceration that will disproportionately affect minorities. Thank you for your time and attention.

HAWAI‘I STATE AG : I am calling today to demand that Hawai‘i condemn Atty General Jeff Sessions’ return to a war on drugs and harsh sentencing. The policy reverses a bipartisan, widely-supported trend in sentencing that gives prosecutors greater discretion to tailor the punishment to the crime. The policy may also have the effect of creating a wave of mass incarceration that will disproportionately affect minorities. Thank you for your time and attention.

STATE SENATORS + CONGRESSPERSONS : Hi. I’m from _ZIP_ calling to oppose stricter penalties to low-level drug offenders. Jeff Sessions’ policies waste taxpayer money on incarceration and stricter sentencing that doesn’t deter drug offenders. I would like _MoC NAME_ to support the bipartisan Justice Safety Valve Act S.1127 (senators)/H.R. 2435 (rep) to give judges authority in sentencing.

[Note : IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Demand Visas for Persecuted Gay Chechens

Call the US Department of State and demand that visas be immediately issued to all those seeking asylum from homophobic persecution in Chechnya!

CALL : State Department (202) 647-6575 - press 8 after the recording


"The United States has denied visas for roughly forty gay Chechens currently in hiding fearing severe persecution for their sexual identity. The individuals are hiding in various locations around Russia after a wave of kidnappings, torture, and disappearances of gay people were reported in Chechnya, a semi-autonomous region in southern Russia that borders Georgia."

A spokesperson for the Russian LGBT Network had confirmed the visa denials to Buzzfeed News.



Tell Our Members of Congress : NOT A PENNY MORE for Trump's Deportation Machine!

In order for Donald Trump to be able to build up his mass deportation force, he needs Congress to fund it. He has already asked Congress to add billions of dollars—on top of the $20 billion already budgeted—to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and speed up his deportation machine. It has been estimated that building the wall alone will cost $21.6 billion. And, he wants to pay for these things by slashing funding for other vital programs, like meals on wheels, financial aid for college students, through massive cuts to the EPA’s budget, and through devastating cuts to other crucial services for children, families and the elderly.

Tell Congress that you don’t want your taxpayer dollars used to build walls, rip families apart, fill detention beds in private prisons, and terrorize our neighbors by ramping up the number of immigration agents on the streets. Instead of funding a wall that divides us, the U.S. government should put our taxpayer dollars towards helping our families and communities.


Ask our MoCs to say NO to Trump’s request for more money for his anti-immigrant agenda. It will be harder and harder to fight his demands for more money in the years to come if we do not stop him now. 

  • No Down Payment on the Deportation Machine. Any funding to pay for a wall or increased immigration enforcement will just enable Trump to ramp up his anti-immigrant, racist and xenophobic agenda. In the coming years, Trump will come back to Congress again and again asking for more taxpayer money.

  • No VOICE Office. The initiation of the VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement) Office serves only to legitimize systemic racism and promote vigilantism. It must be terminated. 

  • No Boots. President Trump wants to dramatically ramp up the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents. More agents will do nothing but create more fear in our communities. We should not fund more ICE boots in our communities to build up a militarized deportation force.

  • No Beds. Trump plans to increase the number of detention beds by 30,000, contingent upon the availability of funding. If there are 30,000 new beds, they will find 30,000 more immigrants to fill them.

  • Fund Families, Not Walls. Our taxpayer dollars would be better spent investing in families, our children and our future.This funding could go to creating jobs, rebuilding our failing infrastructure, and strengthening our health care system. It could also go to education and for our children, meals for older Americans, child care programs, and cleaning up our environment.


On Monday, February 13th, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned over the revelation that he had misled Vice President Pence and other officials about his past communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States. It was during these conversations, prior to Trump's inauguration, that Flynn reportedly discussed the sanctions Obama was planning as punishment to Russian for interfering with the US Presidential election. Soon after the inauguration, the Justice Department informed the Trump Administration that Flynn may be at risk for blackmail by the Russian government.

Flynn's admission that he gave "incomplete information" about his calls with the ambassador is especially troubling given the Trump administration's other alleged ties to the Kremlin. It is also unclear if Flynn acted alone in his collusion with Russian officials or if he was directed by another party within the Trump Administration, or even Trump himself. Senate Republicans, including Majority Whip John Cornyn, Senate Intelligence Committee member Roy Blunt, and Lindsey Graham, have joined Senate Democrats in demanding a full investigation of the Trump administration's ties to Russia. The people deserve to know the extent and nature of the Trump administration's connections to the Russian government, to preserve our national security and the integrity of our democracy.

Senator Brian Schatz (808) 523-2061 or (202) 224-3934
Senator Mazie Hirono (808) 522-8970 or (202) 224-6361

TALKING POINT : Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from [CITY, ZIP]. I'm calling to express my support for a comprehensive and independent investigation of the Trump administration's ties to Russia, including testimony from former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]



Senator Brian Schatz (808) 523-2061 or (202) 224-3934
Senator Mazie Hirono (808) 522-8970 or (202) 224-6361
Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard (808) 541-1986 or (202) 225-4906
Congressperson Colleen Hanabusa (808) 541-2570 or (202) 225-2726

TALKING POINTS : Hi, I’m [NAME], a constituent. I think it’s shameful Steve Bannon is on the White House staff. It makes me sick that my taxpayer dollars are paying his salary. Congress can’t stop him, but you don’t have to work with him. Tell [NAME OF SENATOR OR CONGRESSPERSON] not to meet with him. Don’t accept his calls. Don’t deal with him at all. He has no business in power. Treat him exactly like any other white supremacist or anti-Semite who wanted your time.

NOTE : Representative Gabbard has yet to make any public statement in opposition to Steve Bannon. In November 2016 she did not join 169 of her colleagues in denouncing the appointment of Bannon as White House Chief Strategist. In January 2017 she went to the White House to meet with Bannon and Trump.)

Support Senator Warren's Request to Audit Trump's finances for conflicts of interest!

EMAIL : Government Accountability Office addressed to:
Katherine Siggerud <>,
Timothy Minnelli <>,

SUBJECT LINE: Re: Audit for Trump's financial concerns


Dear Ms. Siggerud and Mr. Minnelli,
I’m writing in support of Senator Elizabeth Warren's request for an audit of President Trump's finances, to prohibit conflicts of interest that would prevent him from carrying out the responsibilities of the office without corrupt influence.

Remove Ad Revenue from Fake News Sites

1. Go to a fake news site (i.e. breitbart)

2. Click a few links and pause until an ad pops up

3. Create a screen capture

4. Find contact information on the company via their website or on Facebook

5. Email or Facebook message the company with the following 

I am writing to alert you that your company's ads are on Breitbart, a white supremacist fake news site. I have attached a screenshot for your review. For now I will assume that your company is not aware that you are supporting this racist and misogynist platform and just hired an ad network service to place ads for you based on demographics. Companies can set a list of platforms that they refuse to be advertised in so I am writing to encourage you to do so. I hope you will respond in the affirmative within a week. If I do not hear back from you I will make this broadly known via social media. thank you for your attention, [your name]

6. Share results with us []