Save Net Neutrality!


Don't Dismantle Net Neutrality!

We need to block a vote to upend the free flow of information on the internet before it’s too late. Time is running out. Chairman Pai has released a draft order of his plan, that if adopted, would undo net neutrality. 

"Over the past year, citizens have had success exerting public pressure on officials and raising consciousness over social issues. The internet was key to these endeavours, which is precisely why the administration wants to eliminate equal access to it."  Globe and Mail

A - Voice your support for Title 2 oversight of ISPs and net neutrality to the FCC! The FCC commissioners have disconnected their phones so email them:

Ajit Pai, Chairman /
Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner /
Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner / Mike.O'
Brendan Carr, Commissioner /
Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner /

2- Go to FCC feedback page (Use a computer, as it's more difficult to complete the form on a mobile device.)
- Under "Proceedings," type 17-108.
- SCRIPT :  I support Title 2 oversight of ISPs and net neutrality." Add some personal reasons...

3- Make a call to Congress now to save net neutrality. [More Information]