URGENT : Oppose Biased, Partisan Appointment to US Census Bureau

CALL/EMAIL this Sunday or Monday!

*Secretary Wilbur Ross 202-482-2000 / WLRoss@doc.gov

Director DeStefano 202-456-1414 / John.j.destefano@who.eop.gov

SCRIPT : Dear Sec. Ross/Dir. DeStefano, Because the census is crucial to fair representation in Congress, I oppose the appointment of Thomas Brunell as deputy director of the US Census Bureau. Brunell’s views on gerrymandering and redrawing congressional districts oppose democratic values. His appointment is a threat to election integrity and risks politicizing a non-partisan issue. Please appoint a qualified, experienced, and unbiased candidate. Thank you. Your Name

*Wilbur Ross  - Commerce Secretary : Net worth $2.5 billion - got a nickname of “vulture” because he made his money picking over the bones of bankrupt companies.