Senator Brian Schatz (808) 523-2061 or (202) 224-3934
Senator Mazie Hirono (808) 522-8970 or (202) 224-6361
Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard (808) 541-1986 or (202) 225-4906
Congressperson Colleen Hanabusa (808) 541-2570 or (202) 225-2726

TALKING POINTS : Hi, I’m [NAME], a constituent. I think it’s shameful Steve Bannon is on the White House staff. It makes me sick that my taxpayer dollars are paying his salary. Congress can’t stop him, but you don’t have to work with him. Tell [NAME OF SENATOR OR CONGRESSPERSON] not to meet with him. Don’t accept his calls. Don’t deal with him at all. He has no business in power. Treat him exactly like any other white supremacist or anti-Semite who wanted your time.

NOTE : Representative Gabbard has yet to make any public statement in opposition to Steve Bannon. In November 2016 she did not join 169 of her colleagues in denouncing the appointment of Bannon as White House Chief Strategist. In January 2017 she went to the White House to meet with Bannon and Trump.)