Tell Our Members of Congress : NOT A PENNY MORE for Trump's Deportation Machine!

In order for Donald Trump to be able to build up his mass deportation force, he needs Congress to fund it. He has already asked Congress to add billions of dollars—on top of the $20 billion already budgeted—to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and speed up his deportation machine. It has been estimated that building the wall alone will cost $21.6 billion. And, he wants to pay for these things by slashing funding for other vital programs, like meals on wheels, financial aid for college students, through massive cuts to the EPA’s budget, and through devastating cuts to other crucial services for children, families and the elderly.

Tell Congress that you don’t want your taxpayer dollars used to build walls, rip families apart, fill detention beds in private prisons, and terrorize our neighbors by ramping up the number of immigration agents on the streets. Instead of funding a wall that divides us, the U.S. government should put our taxpayer dollars towards helping our families and communities.


Ask our MoCs to say NO to Trump’s request for more money for his anti-immigrant agenda. It will be harder and harder to fight his demands for more money in the years to come if we do not stop him now. 

  • No Down Payment on the Deportation Machine. Any funding to pay for a wall or increased immigration enforcement will just enable Trump to ramp up his anti-immigrant, racist and xenophobic agenda. In the coming years, Trump will come back to Congress again and again asking for more taxpayer money.

  • No VOICE Office. The initiation of the VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement) Office serves only to legitimize systemic racism and promote vigilantism. It must be terminated. 

  • No Boots. President Trump wants to dramatically ramp up the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents. More agents will do nothing but create more fear in our communities. We should not fund more ICE boots in our communities to build up a militarized deportation force.

  • No Beds. Trump plans to increase the number of detention beds by 30,000, contingent upon the availability of funding. If there are 30,000 new beds, they will find 30,000 more immigrants to fill them.

  • Fund Families, Not Walls. Our taxpayer dollars would be better spent investing in families, our children and our future.This funding could go to creating jobs, rebuilding our failing infrastructure, and strengthening our health care system. It could also go to education and for our children, meals for older Americans, child care programs, and cleaning up our environment.