Do #ResistTrumpTuesday by phone, text or email

Do #ResistTrumpTuesday by phone, text or email

Also try ResistBot : Text “RESIST” to 50409 to deliver your message to your representatives in under 2 minutes. No downloads or apps required.

SCRIPT (suggest that you cover only one point per call / text / email)



Comey’s testimony and the Mueller appointment are huge, and with Sessions testifying this week, more is likely to come. All the investigations need to continue at a brisk and thorough pace — the House and Senate Intelligence committees as well as the Mueller investigation —and we expect them to be dogged and thorough in their work. But it’s not enough. We demand the appointment of an Independent Commission (similar to the 9/11 commission) to work on these issues as well, one that is completely independent of Congress and the White House and can investigate both criminal and ethical violations. (Mueller can only prosecute criminal actions, while the commission would have broader jurisdiction.) 

HR 356 and S 27 are companion bills requiring the establishment of an independent commission. We demand that our delegation push hard to have those bills released and brought to the floor for a vote, and that they lobby their GOP counterparts to put country before party and let the investigative work be done quickly and thoroughly. As of Sunday, our two Senators are not shown as cosponsors of the Senate version, while both House members are cosponsoring the House version. We want to know why they aren’t sponsoring this measure in the Senate and demand that they do so ASAP.


Trump and the GOP are looking to strip America and sell it for parts with this infrastructure proposal. His MAGA idea - sell off the roads, harbors and bridges to private entities so that the monies brought in go to their bottom lines, not back into the community. By way of example, when Chicago privatized their parking meters, parking costs doubled, and all that additional revenue went to the private company’s bottom line, not the city’s roads, parks, and schools as it once had. They cannot get away with this!

We are demanding that our delegation fight hard in opposition to any of these infrastructure proposals. As we’ve said since January, there are no deals to be made with these people, and we sure can’t start with the very fiber that holds us together. A progressive alternative has been proposed,, with dozens of MOCs, including Colleen Hanabusa, supporting it in the House. We demand our delegation get on board, not with a plan to strip our country’s resources but with one that builds it up, employs people across the country, and infuses money back into our communities, not Wall Street.


The Senate GOP has been hiding in the Comey curtains, using the Comey distractions to create their bill behind closed doors and with no input from any of the traditional groups or MOCs involved in the health care discussion. And they have a plan to roll it out and get it passed by the end of the month - no hearings, no debate, no amendments, and no plans to even share the bill with anyone until a few hours before the vote (likely the last week of June). While they’ve been very secretive about details, the leaked intel says it still disallows pre-existing conditions (although they’ve dressed it up to try to hide that point), strips all essential care, and prices premiums well beyond the reach of most Americans, particularly as they age. 

The only chance we have at stopping them is to blow it up to a public fight and refuse to back down. 

Two immediate calls to action: (1) We demand our delegation members get loud and tough on the real impact of this proposal on people in Hawaii and across the nation. We cannot let the US Senate start killing off Americans for any reason, but it’s particularly repugnant that they do it to line the pockets of donors and the very wealthy. Call on Tuesday, and every day this week. Send emails with your personal health stories and why you need health care. 

(2) Take to social media and get your friends in these states to contact their Senators and demand they oppose this bill: Alaska, Maine, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Louisiana, and Nevada. There are two GOP votes opposing the bill already, and if we can flip one from any of these states, we’ve got a shot at defeating this thing. But we have to make it clear to them that their constituents will send them packing if they support this hideous proposal. 

If you can’t join us in person, CALL! Tuesday is a National Call-In Day! Members of Congress are bragging that their phones are back to pre-January levels, just a few calls trickling in every day. We have to change that! Call our delegation - as well as those of the states where you have ties - and deliver our strong message on Russia, health care, and infrastructure.