#1 - Call

  • Senator Mazie Hirono (202) 224-6361 
  • Senator Brian Schatz (202) 224-3934

SCRIPT : I am proud to have you as our Senator, proud of the voice you bring to this issue, and appreciate him doubling down during this very crucial time. I support that you use EVERY available tool - including withholding consent and filibustering by amendment- to stop it. Many of us depend on the ACA for healthcare. Trumpcare will put those of us with pre-existing condition and our families out in the cold. 


If you have ties in any of the "swing states" with GOPers who might flip, it's time to call them! Alaska, Maine, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Louisiana, and Nevada. Tell them we expect them to stand with Americans, not with a partisan pillaging of American lives. (Senate Directory)