Demand that Trump be censured!

1. Sign a petition to the US Congress

2. Contact your Members of Congress.

Suggested Script:

The Senate and House of Representatives have the power to "Censure" a sitting President for misconduct and I am asking that you work to immediately censure President Trump. From the time he assumed the Presidency, he has been engaging in numerous and continuous acts of misconduct ranging from conflicts of interest, obstruction of justice, dissemination of lies, endorsement of sexual harassers, violation of international laws, just to name a few. He is unfit to be the President of the United States. 

Hawai‘i Representatives

Senator Hirono / Twitter @maziehirono / Facebook@mazie.hirono
Phone (808) 522-8970 / (202) 224-6361
https://www.hirono.senate.gov/help/email https://www.hirono.senate.gov/contact

Senator Schatz / Twitter @brianschatz / Facebook @brianschatz
Phone (808) 523-2061 / (202) 224-3934

Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard / Twitter @tulsigabbard / Facebook @RepTulsiGabbard
Phone (808) 541-1986 / (202) 225-4906

Congressperson Colleen Hanabusa / Twitter @RepHanabusa / Facebook @RepColleenHanabusa
(808) 541-2570 / (202) 225-2726
https://hanabusa.house.gov/contact (if you are not in her district, email Matthew.Higa@mail.house.gov)