Rescind Trump's Authority to Launch a Nuclear First Strike!

Trump is gearing up for a preemptive strike to North Korea. This would trigger a response from NK and Hawai‘i is a likely target.

Contact your Members of Congress now to ask them to do everything they can + more to rescind Trump's Executive War Powers AND Rescind his Authority to Launch a Nuclear First Strike!


Dear ______, I am writing to ask you to do everything you can on the following issues. 

  • No pre-emptive strikes against North Korea.
  • An end to Trump's Executive War Powers.
  • Revoke Trump's authority to launch nuclear weapons.
  • Adopt a "No First Use" policy, which allows the president to authorize nuclear weapons ONLY if the U.S. was under a nuclear attack. "No First Use" is a well-vetted policy and has been offered by China in the past so it has international support. Also, most experts agree that North Korea will be taken off the table if the president is not allowed to use nuclear tipped bunker busters to get North Korea's deep bunkers and tunnels. Taking away "First Use" authority functionally neuters Trump's ability to start a war. 

Sincerely, ____________ (your name, and city of residence)

NOTE : On February 5, Hirono and Schatz joined a group of Democratic Senators to warn Trump in a statement that he lacks the “legal authority” to carry out a preemptive strike on North Korea. . Unfortunately, a statement doesn't actually doing anything to remove Trump's technical capability to do so. We need more to stop him from starting a nuclear war. 



Hawai‘i Representatives

Senator Hirono / Twitter @maziehirono / Facebook@mazie.hirono
Phone (808) 522-8970 / (202) 224-6361

Senator Schatz / Twitter @brianschatz / Facebook @brianschatz
Phone (808) 523-2061 / (202) 224-3934

Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard / Twitter @tulsigabbard / Facebook @RepTulsiGabbard
Phone (808) 541-1986 / (202) 225-4906

Congressperson Colleen Hanabusa / Twitter @RepHanabusa / Facebook @RepColleenHanabusa
(808) 541-2570 / (202) 225-2726 (if you are not in her district, email