Hawai‘i is in Imminent Threat !!

Trump gears up for imminent war with North Korea. North & South Korean governments have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into emergency preparedness and shelters. Both are committed to real diplomacy to save their citizens as well as each other's citizens. Evacuation plans for non-essential US personnel from South Korea are in the works. Meanwhile, the only 'plan' for Hawai‘i is "Shelter in Place."

HAWAI‘I J20+ is calling for immediate and urgent action to demand that each member of the Hawai‘i Congressional Delegation immediately introduce and work to pass laws that will:

  • reciprocate North Korea’s public declaration not to use nuclear weapons offensively by declaring our own nuclear no-first use policy;
  • direct Strategic Command that the President only has retaliatory nuclear authority, including the use of so-called tactical nuclear weapons and nuclear bunker busters. 
  • And make concerted effort to normalize relations with North Korea and support the bilateral dialogue between North and South Korea.

We have a very short window of opportunity to avert global disaster. There is no time to wait. We must act now!


1- FAX-A-THON (inundate their offices with faxes without using fax machines)

2- Via phone or email, go HERE.


In Brief

1. Trump is Preparing for War With North Korea

2. The U.S. military has already begun making plans to evacuate non-essential US personnel from South Korea.  

3. U.S. has quietly been deploying an assortment of powerful weapons

4. Any military action will trigger a North Korea nuclear retaliation and Hawai‘i + Guam are the most likely US targets.

5. Our Nukes, Ourselves / Nuclear heritage and nuclear stewardship

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