Rescind Trump's Authority to Launch a Nuclear First Strike!

Trump is ramping up for war against N. Korea. Hawai‘i is most likely to be hit by a nuclear missile in retaliation. On February 5, eighteen Democratic Senators issued a warning to Trump that he lacks the “legal authority” to carry out a preemptive strike on North Korea. 

We have a very short window of opportunity to avert disaster. The US and Japan have agreed to engage in joint military exercises after the Olympics to demonstrate military power and possibly goad North Korea. [is this true?] The Olympics and the Para-Olympics will be over by mid-March 2018.

Contact your  Contact your Members of Congress NOW to do everything and
MORE to rescind Trump's Executive War Powers!

There is no time to wait. Act Now!



Why the Urgency?


Under the US Constitution, only the Congress can declare war. However, the president can do so independently in the case of nuclear war! As you know "nuclear war" is not war. It is annihilation and Hawai‘i is could be its first target

Signs of Imminent Danger 

Trump has sent numerous signals that he is preparing for war against North Korea. He refuses to clearly state that he will not be the first to use nuclear weapons in any war. Hawai‘i is the most likely target for a North Korea ballistic missile attack in the US. [is this true?]

Any discussion about evacuating non-essential US personnel from South Korea is a sure sign that he is preparing for war. 

Trump is willing to evacuate US citizens stationed in South Korea. People in Hawaii ought to be evacuated as well [again, after agreeing that this is a good thing to say!]

Proposal for a "No First Use" policy

A "No First Use" policy would restrict the president from using nuclear weapons first. Meaning, the policy would require that an enemy fire nuclear weapons at us first. This would prevent a North Korea invasion as there is no way to get rid of their underground bunkers unless so called 'nuclear bunker busters' are used first. It was considered as a policy under Obama but it did not get done. 


The Disaster that would Ensue after a Bloody Nose Strike.

Why Hawai‘i would be Hit.

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2 interviews with Elaine Scarry about the state of nuclear despotism.

A Bruce Blair PSA about not trusting Trump with nuclear power

(Please ignore the appearance of Hillary Clinton at the end. We do not support her or her party. We are non-partisan.) 

Nuclear war impacts everyone - across the political spectrum and across the bipartisan gridlock. As Trump continues to engage in reckless behavior, both towards North Korea and to protect himself against political opposition, more and more people recognize that he should not be allowed to have his finger on the nuclear trigger.